From the Office of Ann Sell


Mediation is a confidential process designed to settle disputes and law suits instead of going through a hearing or trial. It allows you to control decisions affecting your family, finances, divorce and custody issues. The mediator is a certified neutral professional who assists both sides in negotiating a compromise. The mediator talks with the parties together and then may talk privately with each party. Parties may attend mediation with or without legal counsel. If parties choose to attend without counsel, you may want to consult an attorney prior to mediation to discuss your legal rights and responsibilities. The agreed upon issues are reduced in writing to a contract, signed by the parties and submitted to the Judge for his/her approval and signature making the contract into a Court order.


Counseling is a confidential process of working on individual, family or marital issues. A diagnosis of a mental disorder is possible. Counselor and patient work together using a counselor designed treatment plan.